Garland (New) Duck Creek Embree
Third Street Blue Street (after the J.L. Blue family)  
Fourth Street Forrest Street (after Confederate Gen. N.B. Forrest?)  
Fifth Street (north of Ave. A) Commerce Street Fifth Street
Fifth Street (south of Ave. D)   Orange Street
Sixth Street Main Street Fourth Street
Seventh Street Nash Street (after T. F. Nash) Third Street
Glenbrook Drive (Eighth St.) Wyatt Street (after R. C. Wyatt) Second Street
Ninth Street   First Street
Tenth Street (N of Ave. D)   Keller Street (after W.J. Keller)
Tenth Street (S of Ave. D)    
Austin Street Walker Street (after Dr. T.S. Walker)  
State Street Harbison Street (after Dr. Hugh Harbison)  
Main Street North Street; Neam St. on plat of Duck Creek 1887) No name shown on plat of Embree 1886
Avenue A   Hill Street (after Confederate Gen. A.P. Hill?)
Avenue B   Thorp Street (after H. Nollie Thorp)
Avenue C   Hunter Street (after Wm. L. Hunter)
Avenue D   Mewshaw Street (after J. T. Mewshaw)
Avenue E   Park Street
Avenue F   Alexander Street (after W. M. Alexander)
Avenue G   South Street
Jupiter Rd. to Forest Lane to Garland Ave. to Walnut St. to First St. to Pleasant Valley Rd.   Dallas-Greenville Road , Northeast Pike (designated an interstate route ca. 1914, the designated segment through Garland transferred to North [now Main] St. in 1919)

Other Street Name Changes

Current Name Previous Name
First Street, S of Main Street Rose Hill Road, GN 1906; Beltline Road, GN 1919
Ninth Street College St., GN 1912
Tenth Street, S of Ave. D White Street (SIM 1915. After J. F. White)
Eleventh Street Garland Avenue (SIM 1919)
Twelfth Street, N of Ave. B James Avenue (SIM 1927. After G.W. James)
Twelfth Street, S of Ave D Crossman Street (SIM 1915. After G. W. Crossman)
Avenue A, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets Olinger Avenue (SIM 1927. After Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Olinger)
Avenue B, W of Garland Ave. Cole Avenue (SIM 1919. After E.G. Cole)
Barnes Bridge Road Central National Road of the Republic of Texas, 1844
Broadway Blvd Rose Hill Road (between Centerville Road and Rose Hill Road); New Hope Road (between Rowlett Road and city limit)
Centerville Road Dallas-Rockwall Road
Commerce Street US Hwy 67, 1926
Flook Street (After L. M. T. Flook) Crotty Street (SIM 1919. After J. W. Crotty, promoter of the Eastern Texas Traction Co. [interurban railroad]); South Thirteenth Street (SIM 1927)
Forest Lane Dallas-Greenville Rd.; Northeast Pike, GN 1906; Flook Avenue (SIM 1919. After L. M.T. Flook); Beltline Road
Garland Avenue Newman Avenue (SIM 1919. After Dr. G. W. Newman); Fourteenth Street (SIM 1947); Bankhead Hwy (GN 1921); US Hwy 67, 1926; North Star Road (N of Main St.)
Glenbrook Dr. Amundsen Road (N of Walnut. Aft. explorer-aviator Roald Amundsen); Eighth St. (between Walnut and Ave. F)
Main Street Bankhead Hwy, GN 1921; St. Hwy 1; US Hwy 67, 1926; Garland Avenue
Marion Drive Factory Road (N of Resistol Drive)
Rose Hill Road Beltline Road, 1919
Rowlett Road (W of Rose Hill Road) New Hope Road; Beltline Road, 1919
State Street, between Twelfth St. & North Star Rd. Malcolm Street (SIM 1927. After Malcolm Watson)

Garland street names were changed in 1927/28 to a system of alphabetic names running east-west and numerical names running north-south.

*Compiled by J.M. Flook from plats of Embree and (New) Duck Creek, Sanborn insurance maps (SIM), and the Garland News (GN).