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Entries after 1918 reflect official minutes in the City Secretary's office. Since prior minutes are considered lost, the earlier entries have been compiled primarily from newspaper accounts. The initial research centered on issues of The Garland News then available in the collection of the Landmark Museum and was led by Dorothy O. Range in the early 1970's. Subsequent research in 2007 surveyed additional issues of the Garland paper, as well as relevant issues of The Daily Times Herald, The Dallas Morning News and other county resources at the Dallas Central Library in order to expand the list of officials. Joann Nelson led this latest effort and was assisted by Debbi Booth, Jerry Flook and Jim Wheat. Except for obvious errors, official names have been listed as they appeared in source documents. Council members were known as Alderman until 1952.


(Source: The Daily Times Herald 6 May 1891, The Dallas Morning News 5 May 1891)

Mayor M. Davis Williams
AldermanJ.N. Floyd
AldermanS.E. Scott
AldermanJ.R. Brown
AldermanS.A. Allen
AldermanJ.D. Curfman
Marshal   L.B. Ethridge


(Source: The Dallas Morning News 6 Apr 1892)

Mayor M. Davis Williams
AldermanS.E. Scott
AldermanJ.R. Brown
AldermanJ.D. Curfman
AldermanS.A. Allen
AldermanD.Q. Murphree
Marshal   L.B. Ethridge


(Source: The Dallas Morning News 5 Apr 1893)

Mayor Frank.M. Haygood
Alderman E.M. Halsell
Alderman Sam C. Hall
AldermanJ. T. Hays
AldermanJohn H. Cullom
Alderman (Tied in election)J.R. Brown & J.D. Curfman
MarshalL.B. Ethridge


(Source: The Dallas Morning News 14 Mar 1895, The Daily Times Herald 7 Aug 1894)

Mayor Frank M. Haygood


(Source: The Dallas Morning News 16 Feb 1896) Mention of mayor only]

Mayor J. Jasper Hawkins


(Source: The Dallas Morning News 9 Apr 1896)

Mayor J. Jasper Hawkins
AldermanC.G. Gauldin
AldermanT.B. Clark
Alderman John R. Beaver
AldermanJ.M. Naylor
AldermanJ.A. Martin
MarshalJohn G. Williams


(Sources: The Dallas Morning News 11 Aug 1898 [Mention of mayor only]; The Garland News 31 Jan 1902; Affidavit [undated] by T. J. Swim, on file at Landmark Museum)

Mayor John A. Martin
Mayor Pro TemT. J. Swim
MarshalO.P. Thomas (Source: The Dallas Morning News 15 Oct 1897)

[Mention of marshal only]


(Source: The Garland News 31 Jan 1902;
Affidavit [undated] by T. J. Swim, on file at Landmark Museum)

John A. Martin


(Source: The Garland News 9 Feb 1900) [Mention of mayor only]

Mayor John A. Martin